What can be printed in wood?

Products that can be printed on wood are endless.

From a cool wooden business card, a wooden product label and tag, to fantastic wooden postcards, Inspirwood have probably already done it. We are the UK's leading supplier of printed wooden products, and the only company who specialise in just wood.

Our most common products are:

Wooden Cards

Wooden Point of Sale

Wooden Signage

Bespoke Trophies and Awards

Wooden Postcards

Bespoke Merchandise

Wooden Labels and Tags

The wood things we print...

Wooden printed products are biodegradable, plastic free, natural, tactile, sustainable and boost your companies profile.

All items can be cut to shape, routed and engraved using our large laser cutting and carpentry equipment. Printing on wood: We are able to print onto almost any wooden item - signs, sports equipment, doors, veneers and thick boards. We can also print onto reclaimed wood, hardwoods and softwoods.

Our mission is to provide viable alternatives to man-made media substrates, with various wooden solutions.

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