New woods for wooden cards

Inspirwood are really pleased to announce that we have expanded our range of wood options for many of our products, including the wooden business cards and wooden membership cards section!

By expanding our range of wood types, we can help you create the perfect wooden card for your business and allow you to stand out, and don’t forget that they are sustainably sourced from managed forests, plastic free, biodegradable and made with renewable energy here in Devon.

Give your customers something they will keep!

The new woods we have added to our stocks are:

  • Dark Smoked Oak
  • Olive Ash
  • White Ash

These new wood options are amazing, they contain texture, grain and with the Dark Smoked Oak business cards, they provide a completely unique look.

Existing wooden card options

Our existing range is still available of course, which includes:

  • Bamboo cards
  • Birch business cards
  • European Oak cards
  • Maple wood cards
  • Cherry wood cards
  • Black Frake wooden cards
  • Sapele (Mahogany) cards
  • American Walnut wooden cards

All of our woods can be used for wooden business cards, wooden membership cards, wooden loyalty and discount cards, which can be adapted to how you need them.

Personalisation available

The printing techniques also work well with all the range, and can include personalisation such as numbering, RDIF tags, barcodes etc – just ask if you would like to know more.

Design techniques

And don’t forget, we are also able to add varnish, foil blocking and engraving to the full range of cards!

Call us or get in touch if you would like to know more or see any samples for your business on 01626 870 426, email us using the form in the contact page or of course, send us a letter (but don’t forget the chocolate cake!).