Surfing England Story

image of SUP design wooden trophies

They approached us looking for some environmentally friendly trophies for the many events that they hold throughout the year. As our relationship evolves, so do the designs, as you can see!…

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Eco Events

Example of our print on wood

Whilst we all love going to memorable events, we need to make sure that we aren’t creating unnecessary waste and leaving unwanted environmental footprints.  One way that we can do this is by ensuring that temporary signage for eco events is made from wood.

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Trail Boards for The National Trust

Saltram House Trail Board

Team Inspirwood have been working with many National Trust properties over the years to make their holiday trail boards more sustainable. These boards have been made for The National Trust Saltram House October / Halloween Trail and are up and about their grounds over the half term break. In old folklore, tree’s were said to…

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Spring has Sprung – Bespoke Sign

With the mercury very tentatively rising here in the UK, lots of us are starting to use our gardens, and people are getting very creative with how they use their outdoor spaces. Summer Houses, Garden Bars, Pizza Corners, Crafty Dens, Man Caves and more are becoming ever popular. A handmade bespoke sign makes for a…

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Outcasts Sign

We recently made this beautiful sign from solid Iroko for a bagel and coffee food truck near Dublin, Ireland called Outcasts. There is quite a process involved in creating a piece like this so we thought we’d share…

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Mossy Media

Natural Matt Wooden living grass block solid Oak

Another first for us here at Inspirwood! we created this stunning large moss filled sign for local, eco-friendly, mattress company Naturalmat. The sign was made from solid Oak and measured 1500mm x 275mm. We laser cut the company name out and made a recess tray for the living moss to sit in. We think it…

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