Outcasts Sign

We were recently asked to produce a bespoke wooden sign as a surprise gift.

The Process

This beautiful Wooden Sign was made from solid Iroko for a bagel and coffee food truck near Dublin, Ireland called Outcasts. There was quite a process involved in creating a piece like this so we thought we’d share…

  • Original design provided by client, then our Graphic Designer tweaks to make positioning and dimensions work
  • Wood is cut to size and shape, in this case 450mm diameter and 40mm thick
  • Wood is completely covered VERY carefully with masking tape
  • Wood goes into our laser machine and the design is deep engraved. To get the required effect this piece had to go through twice. It takes approximately 3 hours to laser engrave an image like this
  • Engraving has to be carefully hand painted, due to the depth, with a white layer so that the colour will adhere thoroughly
Hand painting engraved sections
Ready for the blue ink
  • Time to go on the printer to get that beautiful vivid blue
  • Masking tape removed, hooks and rope attached and lovingly oiled with Tung oil to protect and bring out the gorgeousl wood grain

(this was a double sided piece also so each stage had to be done twice!)

If you would like to create something like this, please get in touch with your ideas/requirements.